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About Us...

My Journey Here...

Since my business is an extension of me, it is important I share my journey. ​ I am a survivor of chronic childhood sexual abuse, this has shaped much of my healing journey. It has also shaped my approach to healing in general, when I say I offer a trauma-informed setting, I absolutely stand by that. My life path has led me to where I am today and I am honored to be in a position to serve others both in and out of my practice.


I have lived in Montana most of my life and I have raised my family here in Billings for the majority of the last 20 years.  My career path outside of my private practice has afforded me vast experience in advocacy including Domestic Violence advocacy, SANE advocacy, Human Trafficking advocacy, and much more. I continue to serve within social work and on community boards that I believe make a difference in social justice matters that are crucial to our community.  I am a parent, partner, and community member - I believe in serving those around me for the highest good. I am a safe space both in and out of the office.


I created Dragon's Gate Reiki, LLC after obtaining my Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 certification with the sincerest intention and dream of facilitating healing within others. I am not the healer, you are, and your body is - I am merely here to assist you on your healing journey.  While I am a Certified Reiki Master and RYT200 Yoga Therapist, I also specialize in Intention Setting, Cord Cutting, and Energetic Cleansing. I love to create various oddities for clients such as Witch's Bells, Dream Pillows, Candles, Essential Oil Rollers, and things of that nature.  I have worked diligently to obtain my Reiki Master Certification and I offer Reiki Level 1 & 2 training to students interested in pursuing Reiki. Dragon's Gate Reiki, LLC is proud to meet all City and State guidelines, and above to ensure we are serving our community to the highest standard.

Our Mission

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Dragon's Gate Reiki, LLC was created by someone who isn't on the perfect healing path - I eat fast food, I do not speak affirmations "daily" because I forget, I understand that you cannot have love and "light" without having recognized and experienced darkness.


Our mission is to help others recognize that healing isn't linear. It is ok and absolutely human to not be ok.


Our mission is to ensure that we provide a safe and sacred space to everyone that meets us, whether in the office or at an event.


Our mission is to offer affordable AND accessible holistic care - to everyone.


We are inclusive, we are LGBTQ+ supportive, safe, welcoming, and every other word that says - please know you will be honored and supported in every space we share.


We are energy having a human experience, my mission is to simply ensure that I help make that experience a little more kinder and gentler than when I first met you.

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