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Harnessing the Power of Healing with April Veach, Founder of Dragon's Gate Reiki

Written by Katarina Todorovic | Published On March 18, 2024

Harnessing the Power of Healing with April Veach, Founder of Dragon's Gate Reiki

In the realm of holistic healing, April Veach stands as a beacon of light, guiding individuals on transformative journeys of self-discovery and wellness. As the visionary behind Dragon’s Gate Reiki, LLC, April’s passion for facilitating healing is palpable, stemming from her sincere belief that true healing emanates from within. With a foundation rooted in Reiki and yoga, April embarked on her journey with unwavering dedication, obtaining certifications in Reiki 1, Reiki 2, and ultimately earning the prestigious title of Certified Reiki Master and RYT200 Yoga Therapist. However, her approach extends beyond conventional modalities, as she specializes in Intention Setting, Cord Cutting, and Energetic Cleansing, enriching her practice with diverse techniques aimed at holistic well-being. In this exclusive Mystic Mag‘s interview, April shares her insights into the profound power of healing, her journey as a Reiki Master, and the sacred space she has created at Dragon’s Gate Reiki, where individuals find solace, transformation, and renewed vitality.

Can you share with us the journey that led you to create Dragon’s Gate Reiki, LLC and how your Reiki certifications influenced this decision?

I think that at the time when I really decided to start this business, I was really struggling with my mental health. I was struggling with my health in general, but my mental health for sure had just taken a toll. I felt almost desperate for help, and I knew that I wasn’t alone in that; there were others also struggling. COVID had really hit, and I felt very alone. I had received Reiki before from other people, and here in Billings, Mt it’s very expensive. So, it was something that I enjoyed receiving and felt was very helpful, but I just could not afford it. I started to think about what I would do differently if I could offer it to somebody, like what would that look like? And I thought, well, I’d make it affordable. I would make the experience maybe more accessible, you know? Like, this would be my dream, right? This is what it would look like. And I thought, well, why don’t I just do that instead of dreaming about it? Just do it. It’s funny how Facebook listens to you because it came up in my feed. I started to see Reiki certification stuff, and I thought, why don’t I just do it? So, I did. I became Reiki certified, and I’m very grateful to my Reiki master because she was very thoughtful in that process and is still with me today, constantly available if I need her to answer questions, three years later. So, it’s been wonderful. Throughout that process, I was able to start my business and offer Reiki to people in an accessible, affordable way, the way that I had hoped it would be available to me.

What inspired you to incorporate the creation of various oddities like Witch’s Bells, Dream Pillows, and Essential Oil Rollers into your practice?

I think that part of me was really feeling whimsical. This childlike part of me wanted to do art and fun things at home for myself and others. I really wanted to do things like Renaissance fairs and incorporate healing into that. What if I could create something that someone could take home and it would offer a piece of healing for them? I started to do some research, and there were, I don’t know another word for it, but essentially like intention and spells, quote-unquote, that items carried with them, manifesting healing properties. It was like I could create something that people could take with them and it would carry the healing properties they needed, without them coming into the office. Suddenly, it was like, this is perfect. People would, and they’ve loved it. By the way, the witches’ bells are probably my top-selling item. People absolutely adore them. The dream pillow, too. Both children and adults alike absolutely love it. Suddenly, the door has opened, and these are not the typical people you would suspect would purchase these items. People of all demographics are really drawn to this. So, I think it’s opened a doorway for people who are interested in that type of healing. They find it beautiful visually, but also, suddenly, it offers a sense of peace. They’re able to take it home and carry that with them.

What type of services do you offer?

Reiki was, and still is, kind of the foundation of the business, right? Because it filters into everything, whether that’s Reiki on its own or Reiki-infused items like candles or witches’ bells, and so on. Additionally, I am certified in various modalities of yoga. Therefore, I offer Reiki yoga, and then I have what I call “oddities.” This is where I sell items such as witches’ bells, dream pillows, candles, and more.

How do you approach setting intentions both personally and with your clients, and what role do intentions play in the healing process?

I describe it this way to clients when they come in: intention setting is, you know, very similar to when you’re driving down the road and you see a billboard, right? Maybe it has the McDonald’s logo on it, and suddenly you just think, “I really want French fries.” So why not set an intention of your own for yourself? In a Reiki setting, we are able to communicate to our body, to our energy, what we want and need, or return to our body what it wants and needs. So, intention setting is essentially communicating, almost marketing, to ourselves what we would need, whether that’s healing. During a Reiki session, oftentimes the body, the energy, is communicating what it’s struggling with, whether that’s self-forgiveness, self-love, or trauma. And we’re communicating back, you know, “Go ahead and release that. Go ahead and forgive. Go ahead and let go,” whatever that intention is. Sometimes the intention is about trust. Trusting yourself, knowing you’re on the right path, that you are worthy of great things. Whatever the intention is, setting it is really communicating to our body and our energy what we want and what we need. It’s a form of manifesting what we intend to bring into our lives, putting that into personal practice almost feels like another story, right? It’s really hard to practice what we preach. I think all of us are kind of guilty of that. It’s easy for me to communicate that with a client, to listen to their energy and provide that to them, but it feels almost impossible to listen to my own energy and communicate that to myself. So, I always let clients know that when they’re struggling with something, they’re not alone, and that we all have those struggles. For me, that’s one area where I really struggle: slowing down and listening to my own body and what I need as well. So, for me, intention setting looks like sitting down and trying to be mindful about, well, what do I need? What do I want? And what would that look like?

As a practitioner who offers services such as Reiki, yoga therapy, and the creation of various healing tools, how do you maintain balance and self-care in your own life to ensure you’re able to best support your clients’ healing journeys?

I work really long hours and really long days, essentially running my business by myself. I do have a partner, but they’re not certified in Reiki or yoga. You know, they can only do so much, so a lot of it falls to me. I am a mother, a partner, and a business owner, and all of those responsibilities land right on me. So, how do I manage it well? I often reach a point where one day I’m completely exhausted, and then I look at my calendar and think, “Oh my goodness, I have no balance. What have I done?” I try to recalibrate, asking myself what I can do better, and every day, I strive to improve.

I believe the lesson for each of us is that healing isn’t linear. I’m on my own healing path as well, and I haven’t mastered it. What I have done is tried diligently every day to be more in tune with myself and my needs. In fact, just last week, I hit a point where I was so exhausted, I had to ask myself, “What have you done to yourself, lady? Find balance.” So, self-care for me involves trying to balance everything and asking myself if there are things in my day that bring me joy. Have I nurtured joy in my heart? Have I allowed joy in my day to prevent burnout?

I truly love to work; I’m a workaholic. I even dread sleep sometimes because I feel like I’m missing out on something. So, for me, it’s about finding joy in my day’s activities. If I can say that I’ve found joy, then I feel better. However, I’m not immune to the struggles that everyone else faces. People often assume that if you’re in this business, you have it all figured out. We don’t. We really don’t. I wish I had a golden answer to that, but I don’t. I’m still learning, just like everybody else. I’m forever a student.

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Katarina is a Reiki practitioner who believes in spiritual healing, self-consciousness, healing with music. Mystical things inspire her to always look for deeper answers. She enjoys to be in nature, meditation, discover new things every day,

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